Erasmus +

Erasmus+, or Erasmus Plus, is programme combining all the EU's current schemes for education, training, youth and sport.

year 2020
Name: Zvyšovanie profesionálneho rozvoja učiteľov v 21. storočí
Number of project: 2020-1-SK01-KA104-078050
Duration: 01. 9. 2020do 31. 8. 2022
Donor: SAAIC - Národná agentúra programu Erasmus+ pre vzdelávanie a odbornú prípravu

Erasmus plus 2021

  • Three DELTA courses: Delta Module 1, Delta Module 2, Delta Module 1 a 2 together (Dublin, Praha, Sofia)
  • ICT as a Tool for Student Centered Classroom.
  • Digital Marketing Training for Educational Staff
  • Discover the best apps and tools for E-learning
  • Life Coaching for Teachers
  • Tools for Teaching and Learning
  • Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence for teachers and education staff
  • Innovations in Language Teaching Methodology
  • 21st Century & Approach to Adult education
  • Towards E-learning Online Course Development
  • Educational Management & School Leadership

Name: Byť pripravený učiť deti v 21. storočí. 4 „K“ pre výnimočné vyučovanie
Number of project: 2020-1-SK01- KA101-078048
Duration: 01. 9. 2020 do 31. 8. 2022
Donor: SAAIC - Národná agentúra programu Erasmus+ pre vzdelávanie a odbornú prípravu.
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Erasmus plus 2020

  • Soft Skills for Strong Teacher- Dublin.
  • Introducing Project Based Learning in the Classroom - Bologna
  • A Project Management System for a Better Quality of Teaching – Barcelona
  • Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL ) and Digital Based Learning – Malta
  • Digital Games and Story Telling- Paris
  • Student-entered Classroom: Teachers as Promoters of Active Learning! – Dublin
  • BUILDING A POSITIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT- Classroom management, communication skills, effective teaching and learning (6-day)- Cyprus
  • Audio-visuals and Social Media – Barcelona -2 Week Course
  • Motivation+ in Sevilla, Spain
  • Applying non-formal education in schools and adult education organizations
  • Learn to Teach English and any Other Subjects with Drama – Dublin
  • Teach With a Twist! Motivate you Students with Creative Teaching Strategies – Barcelona
  • Innovative teaching methods for teachers, school and adult education- Bologna

year 2019

Name: Cesta európskej spolupráce
Number of project: 2019-1-SK01-KA104-060251 
Duration: 01. 06. 2019 do 30. 09. 2020
Donor: SAAIC - Národná agentúra programu Erasmus+ pre vzdelávanie a odbornú prípravu

  • mobility of 8 teachers
  • jobshadowing of 2 managers
  • opening of CELTA centre in Slovakia - training of 2 tutors

Teacher Refresher Course

Metodický kurz Teaching Lexically

Teacher Trainer Development

English Teaching Methodology and Educational Management

Cesta európskej spolupráce je cieľom projektu programu Erasmus+

year 2018

Contract with národná agentúra 2018