How to get a Cambridge certificate

Getting a Cambridge certificate can provide several benefits, such as improving your job prospects, allowing you to study at universities that require proof of English proficiency. It also serves as a recognized standard of your English language abilities.

Before you choose the right level of the Cambridge exam and the appropriate date, read the information about what awaits you. You will find out how long it will take you to hold your dream certificate in your hand after passing the exam.
Exam registration and fees

Exam registration

You can register for the exam on-line or personally directly at our office.
You can register up to the date of the registration closing. The date of registration closing is given for each exam.
It is possible to register after the registration closing, but it is considered a late registration and it is limited. For late registration candidates are charged 30eur. To get more information about late registration, you need to contact our office.

Exam fee

After the registration we will send you further details about the exam and an invoice within three working days. The fee can be paid cash in our IH Bratislava office or via bank transfer. Your registration is complete only after the fee has been paid.
The fee must be credited to the IH bank account on the day of the registration closing at the latest.

The application is binding and it is not possible to reschedule the exam or change the exam level. It is not possible to get a refund if a candidate decides not to take the exam or if the candidate fails.
General binding conditions (PDF 109 kb)

Special requirements
IH Bratislava and Cambridge Assessment English accommodate candidates with short-term or long-term health disabilities (e.g. learning disabilities).

Those candidates can ask for special adjustment of the exam process, exam materials or both.
The candidate has to apply individually for such adjustment and provide a confirmation from his physician. 

The application has to be delivered to IH Bratislava 4 weeks before the registration closing at the latest.

More information about special requirements.

What follows after registration
We will send you an email app. 1-2 weeks before the written exam. Attached to the email you will find:
  • Confirmation/ Statement of Entry
  • Time schedule of the exam
  • Venue
  • other important information regarding the exam
After you receive the email it is important to check if your name and surname are written correctly and confirm this via email to

If you don’t receive such email in the time period mentioned above, contact us as soon as possible.

In case of late registration, you will get this email as soon as possible. The exam usually takes two days: the written part on the first day and the oral part on another day. The order of the pairs during the oral exam is assigned by the examination centre IH Bratislava.
Exam day
On the day of the exam it is necessary to arrive at least 20 - 30 minutes before the start. If you are late, you might not be allowed to take the exam.

Obligatory candidate photo shooting

Photo shooting of candidates takes place on the day of the exam (the day of the oral exam) and it is required in order to take the exam.
Photo shooting is obligatory for candidates for the following exams:
B1 Preliminary, B2 First, C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency.

Photo shooting is not required for the following exams: Young Learners, A2 Key for Schools, B1 Preliminary for Schools a B2 First for Schools. For candidates of A2 Key exam, photo shooting is optional. 
Your photograph will be saved at the Result Verification Service web page and is not going to be a part of the certificate. Only the candidate will have access to the photograph, personal data and exam results. Other institutions can get access to your personal data only with your consent, if you provide them your password.
Photo shooting consent for underage candidates will be filled in and submitted by their legal representatives directly in the registration form.

What to expect on the day of the exam

You will be asked to present a valid ID card or a passport. Candidates without a valid ID card/passport will not be allowed to take the exam.
Candidates under 15 years of age can present other proof of identity instead of a passport.
Remember to bring:
  • a pencil (soft, HB), an eraser, a pen
  • a plastic bottle of water (with no labels on the bottle)

Follow the regulations for candidates:  
Notice to Candidates

Summary regulations for candidates


  • all mobile phones and electronic devices must be turned off during the whole exam
  • it is not allowed to use any electronic devices or mobile phones during the break either
  • a candidate can be disqualified for using any electronic device
All personal belongings are to be placed in front of the candidate. Therefore, we don’t recommend bringing expensive personal possessions.
More useful tips for the exam day.
If you would like to comment on any aspect of the exam process, please contact the responsible person in IH Bratislava immediately after the exam. Any complaints submitted later will not be accepted.
Results are available online on the Results Service web page 4-6 weeks after the exam.

If you wish to receive information about the availability of results via email, please register with the Results Service in advance. For registration, use the data from the Confirmation of Entry document containing the time schedule. There is your ID and a “Secret Number”. Open the Results Service, enter your email address, create a new password and follow the instructions given. If you need technical support, please read the instructions.
Cambrige Certificate 
Certificates are sent from Cambridge Assessment English within 3 weeks after publishing the results online. We will inform you via email as soon as we receive the certificates at IH Bratislava.

Successful candidates can pick up their certificates at our registration office at IH BA in person or we can send it to you as a registered letter. To get the certificate via post, it is required to fill in and sign a form. This service is charged at 5 Eur within Slovakia.

The following can help you decide:
Test your English on Cambridge site

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