C1 Advanced

Are you really good at English? How about getting an internationally recognised certificate as a proof? CAE is a high level C1 exam and is valid for life.

C1 Advanced Exam dates
We can run the testing by four test takers.

Exam process

General binding conditions for registration (PDF)

Exam preparation
Why choose C1 Advanced (CAE)?
  • Successful completion of C1 Advanced (CAE) exam at level C1 indicates that you are ready to follow an academic course or study at university in English.
  • You are able to communicate effectively and professionally at a managerial level.
  • It opens new opportunities in travelling, at work and study all over the world as well as in Slovakia, where many employers recognise it.
  • Successful candidates get an internationally recognised certificate (C1 Advanced Certificate), which is valid for life.
Exam contents and format

Reading and Use of English
Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Questions: 8 parts / 56 questions
Contents, word count: Dealing with different text genres such as fiction, newspapers, and magazines. This part tests your grammar and vocabulary in various tasks.
Overall score percentage: 40 %

Time: 1 hour 30 min.
Questions: 2 tasks
Contents, word count: Two different pieces of writing such as letters, reports, reviews, proposals and essays.
Overall score percentage: 20 %

Time: approx. 40 min.
Questions: 4 parts / 30 questions
Contents, word count: Understanding of different recordings such as interviews, radio news, presentations or everyday communication.
Overall score percentage: 20 %

Time: 15 min. (pair of candidates)
Questions: 4 parts
Contents, word count: This part tests your ability of effective communication face to face. You will complete this part together with one or two other candidates.
Overall score percentage: 20 %
Evaluation and certificate
Successful candidates are graded by one of the following grades– “A”, “B” or “C”.
Score Grade CEFR level
200–210 A C2
193–199 B C1
180–192 C C1
160–179 Level B2 B2
If a candidate is graded “A”, they have shown exceptional skills at a level higher than required for the C1 level, therefore they will be awarded a certificate with a higher level – C2.

If a candidate is graded “B” or  “C”, they will get a certificate indicating they have successfully reached the level C1.

Candidates who don’t manage to reach the level C1, but pass the exam at a B2 level, will also get a certificate indicating this level.

The exam result is available online within 4-6 weeks after the exam. Via the FREE online results service you can access the Statement of Results document containing the results from each part of the exam as well as your overall score.

Sample statement of results (pdf)

Understanding the statement of results (pdf)


C1 Advanced Exam dates