Erasmus+ | Job shadowing in IH Roma - Matthew

Matthew McGeever, Assistant Director of Studies of English at International House Bratislava language school, recently completed a job shadowing programme at International House Accademia Britannica Rome, Italy.

The aim of the job shadowing programme was to compare best practices between schools in different countries. Despite both schools being members of the International House World Organisation, each has to work in the context of their own educational systems. By comparing the set up and practice of the Italian and Slovak language schools, both commonalities and differences could be seen and understood.

The programme took place over two days. On both days, we met the Director of Studies, Head of Young Learners, Head of Teacher Training, teachers and admin staff. Through a mixture of one-to-one meetings and workshops, we learnt how IH Rome works with various computer-based programmes to maximise learning opportunities for students.

We were also lucky that our visit coincided with the International House Young Learners Conference, so rather than having a free weekend, we spent Saturday at the conference engaging with teachers from all around the world. The insights that the workshops, and also the informal social gatherings, provided were invaluable. It also allowed for informal discussions about best practices to supplement the formal aims of the Erasmus+ programme.

Upon return to Bratislava, I have had meetings with the Director of Studies and Assistant Director of Studies for Young Learners in order to try and implement some of the ideas and practices that we observed in Italy. It has also made us appreciate some of the practices that we already do which are specific to the Slovak system and which work well here.

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