Erasmus+ | Job shadowing in IH Roma - Laura

Laura Bíró, Director of Studies of English at International House Bratislava language school, recently completed a job shadowing programme at International House Accademia Britannica Rome, Italy.

The aim of the job shadowing programme was to visit a school within the IHWO Affiliation and compare the activities of IH Bratislava and IH Accademia Britannica Rome. While both schools are members of one organisation and thus follow similar rules and regulations, each works in a different context determined by the country, the culture and the teaching/learning context too.

The job shadowing programme, which lasted for two days, has provided us with a great opportunity to meet the Director of Studies, Head of Young Learners, Head of Teacher Training, teachers and admin staff. We attended one-to-one meetings as well as workshops which provided us with invaluable information regarding the way IH Rome runs their courses and ensures that students get the most out of their learning.

We were pleased that our visit took place at the same time as the IH Accademia Britannica Young Learners Conference and thus we could meet teachers from all around the world and from different IH schools. This experience has made our Erasmus+ mobility even more useful and informative.

After the programme, all my findings and notes were compared to those of the Assistant Director of Studies for Teacher Development and the Assistant Director of Studies for Young Learners in order to plan the best way of implementing best practices observed during the mobility programme.

The Erasmus+ programme has had a very positive impact on our professional development and has definitely widened our horizons.

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