Erasmus+ | Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence

My course was focused on soft-skills and emotional intelligence via mindfulness. There were immensly interesting topics covered in the course, from story-telling and drama to mindfulness and critical thinking. I also had workshops about fake news and photo-therapy. Since there were 80 participants in roughly 8 soft-skill courses and we rotated attendence according to the topics, this experience was fantastic for networking.

Also, the mobility was designed for teachers and many of the activities were very inspiring for day-to-day lessons. I honestly did not have a negative experience during this mobility. The lecturers were simply wonderful and my colleagues from all over Europe were a fantastic mix of ages, nationalities, experience, level of languages spoken.

The most inspiring work-shop was probably teaching a memorable lesson in 5 minutes via story-telling. I can honestly say I will remember every contribution. Also, the hosting organisation stems from a language school, so their professional history is very similar to my own. Thus, it was very inspiring to watch in practice an organisation which is further along their journey in providing professional development courses to teachers from all over the EU.

Katarína Kopajová

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