Our team and teachers

Katarína Lovíšková riaditeľka jazykovej školy
Katarína Lovíšková Managing Director
Gabriela Ondušová
Gabriela OndušováDirector of Studies for other Languages (DOS)
Laura Bíró DOS jazyková škola
Laura Bíró Director of Studies for English (DOS), CELTA tutor
Matthew McGeever
Matthew McGeeverAssistant Director of Studies for English, CELTA tutor
Katarína Hrtánková - kurzy pre deti
Katarína HrtánkováAssistant Director of Studies for Young Learners
Daniela MozolákováOffice Manager
Silvia Brziaková Heldová - Marketing Manager
Silvia BrziakováMarketing Manager
Cambridge Exam Manager
Katarína KopajováExam Manager for Cambridge Exams
Lucia Tvrdoňová - manažérka firemných kurzov
Lucia TvrdoňováCorporate Course Manager
Firemné kurzy - Monika Krnáčová
Monika KrnáčováCorporate Course Manager
Marcela Olexova - Course Manager
Marcela OlexováPublic Course Manager
Marianna Surdusová
Marianna SurdusováManager for Start Right courses
Kurz manažérka Olívia Ihnátová
Olívia Ihnátová Public courses
Zuzana Maškulková - Manažér kurzov pre verejsnoť
Zuzana Maškulková Public courses
Vanda Funtíková - Public course Manager
Vanda Funtíková Public courses
Kurz manažérka Diana Parižová
Diana ParižováPublic courses


Our Teachers


We employ more than 90 teachers in our language school.

One of the conditions of IHWO membership is a high quality team of teachers and employing only qualified teachers.

How do we hire the teachers and what are the criteria?

  • teachers are hired by the DOS (Director of Studies)
  • teachers must meet a set of demanding requirements (qualification, experience, references, interview)
  • we also use the teachers exchange in form of a transfer within the IHWO network
  • foreign teachers must have a higher education degree (at least Bachelor’s degree) and they are required to have passed an
  • internationally recognised methodology course.
  • Slovak teachers have a higher education degree in pedagogical field (masters)

Our teachers possess a wide range of educational skills, many of them are methodologists or Cambridge exams examiners and they participate in educational conferences as speakers and tutors for other teachers. They bring new innovative methods to their classes, using various resources.   The IHWO network puts a lot of emphasis on further teacher education.


Internationally recognised methodological courses include:

  • CELTA - University of Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Adults
  • Cert Tesol - The Trinity Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • IHC - International House Certificate in TEFL
  • DELTA - (Cambridge ESOL Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults)
  • TrinityDip TESOL - (Trinity College London Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Further teacher development within International House World Organisation (IHWO)
IH World Organisation offers their teachers an educational programme (Professional Development Pathway), designed to support their long-term professional and methodological growth, in more than 150 schools all over the world. According to a new educational system within IH, teachers are credited based on the specialised courses they pass and after collecting prescribed number of credit points they awarded an ATA (The Advanced Teaching Award) IH Certificate. Many of our teachers (both foreign and Slovak) are already approaching obtaining of the ATA certificate after passing some of the following courses:
  • IH Teaching One-to-One
  • IH Certificate in Online Tutoring
  • IH Certificate in Teaching Business English
  • IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology
  • IH Certificate in Teaching Young Learners