Teacher Training

In line with the goals and the charter of the International House World Organisation (IHWO) we pay full attention to developing our team of teachers, and for this purpose we have a comprehensive Teacher Development Programme.

Professional development system 

The programme is designed by our academic management team, who carry out regular observations of the teachers and organize training for them on a regular basis. Apart from the organized meetings, the academic management provides the teachers with everyday assistance in lesson planning and methodology as well as other problems they may come across in the classes.


The workshops vary in terms of style and form; they may be practical or methodological.

Peer Observation

Inspiration can also be drawn from other colleagues´ lessons, and it certainly applies to both beginners and experienced teachers. It is an informal observation, which is meant to enable a swap of ideas. A short discussion afterwards supporting an exchange of experience may be useful for both of the involved.

Formal Observation

The competences of the academic management include formal quality control, which is done by conducting formal observations. The main goal of the observations is to help our teachers develop professionally, by giving feedback on their teaching as well as by identifying suitable training.

Staff Meetings

Once a month our team meets up and is informed about forthcoming projects and school activities. The goal is to create space for exchanging information, opinions and experience.

Further certificates in methodology

Our teachers broaden their experience by gaining further certificates in methodology, which include:

IH Conference for  teachers

Every year we organize a conference for  teachers; we have been following this tradition since 2005. We invite renowned speakers to the conference, while practical workshops are prepared by our academic management and the teachers of our school. IH Conference for English teachers is a platform for meeting colleagues and external teachers in order to exchange experience. The conference is also an opportunity to present to the external teachers our school and IH methodology products.