Company courses

The human capital of a business is the main source of its competitive advantage.
Every good company plans and manages the education of its employees. Speaking a language is not only a need arising from the job and a professional career, but nowadays is also a reflection of lifestyle. Our world is cosmopolitan and speaking a language is part of it.
If you as a company deal with the question of language education, the choice of the school responsible for teaching will certainly affect the satisfaction of your employees, their motivation and further performance.
You need to decide and follow a strategy:
  1. Which language school will be our partner?
  2. What teachers should we choose?
  3. What exactly does our company need?
  4. How much time and money do we have to invest?
  5. Why should we choose IH?
  6. Do you want to know more? Ask for a price offer and arrange a meeting with us.


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