Company courses

Every good company plans and manages the education of its employees. Speaking a language is not only a need arising from the job and a professional career, but nowadays is also a reflection of lifestyle. Our world is cosmopolitan and speaking a language is a part of it.
If your company deals with the question of language education, the choice of the school responsible for teaching will certainly affect the satisfaction of your employees, their motivation and further performance.
We have been organizing in-company language training since 1999, and thanks to many years of experience we can provide a client with training as well as complex administration related to the training process.

We provide various forms of regular training, 1- or 2- week intensive courses, specialized seminars, study abroad, e-learning programmes and impartial language audits using international Cambridge exams: A2 Key, B1 Preliminary, B2 First, C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency.
We teach the following languages:
English, German, Slovak, French, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

We have experience in carrying out major educational projects as well as small-size and special-focus concepts. We are happy to help you with training as well as the related administration. We currently service more than 100 clients, and teach 40 000 in-company hours every year.
Your company is allocated a contact person who coordinates the organization, deals with terms and conditions of your contract and runs the entrance tests, schedules classes and progress tests.

Why choose IH Bratislava as a partner for company language training?

  • We have many years of experience with corporate language teaching
  • We have qualified teachers and will provide you with administrative support
  • We are constantly improving / keeping up with the times

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