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Having the CELTA qualification will make it easier to get a teaching job anywhere in the world.

Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

CELTA is the most widely recognised English teaching qualification in the world. It’s the qualification most often requested by employers; three out of four English language teaching jobs require a CELTA qualification.

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What's in the CELTA course?

The CELTA course covers the principles of effective teaching, and gives you a range of teaching techniques and practical experience. You get hands-on teaching practice and observation of experienced teachers, and you’ll apply your learning by delivering communicative teaching with English language learners.

Prečo sa prihlásiť na CELTA kurz v IH Bratislava?



"After having lived and worked in London for the last 20 years, I reached a point where I was ready to change the course of my life. After finishing my master’s degree in Education, I started to look for something to give me that extra edge and a solid starting point in pursuing my teaching career. Then I came across CELTA. At first, I was not sure if CELTA would be what I needed.
But I decided to pursue the certificate, and I am delighted to say that it was the best thing I could have done. You see, speaking a language and teaching it to other people are two very different things.
Being a very intensive 4-week course, CELTA was packed with all the inside of how to approach language materials and turn them into a tool for effective communicative English language teaching. In combination with our tutors’ fantastic and constant support, real classroom teaching experiences and very well-sourced materials, it took me on a journey of self and language discovery. By the end of it I was ready to step in any classroom, anywhere in the world and teach away!
Big thanks go to International House in Bratislava for organizing it and of course to our wonderful, experienced and knowledgeable tutors without who it would not be possible!"
Lada, Greater London

"Before the CELTA course, I had been teaching only one-on-one online English lessons. I couldn't imagine being able to conduct an effective lesson with more than one student. The course taught me, however, various methods and ways to deal with more students in one class effectively and efficiently. Moreover, I think that now I prefer group lessons over individual ones, which I thought would never happen.
Thanks to the course I have also met and made friends with awesome people who taught me a lot about teaching English. With my tutors and trainee peers we have constantly exchanged opinions and ideas on how to hone our teaching techniques and create the lessons which our students would enjoy attending. Participation in the course really was an invaluable experience, and I can´t recommend it highly enough for all those who are serious about teaching English.
And finally, a special thanks goes to our amazing tutors Laura and Stephanie whose passion and love for English is genuine and contagious. As you said Laura: “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”, and you made us feel wonderful the whole course."

"CELTA course at IH Bratislava has exceeded my expectations. The course was led by two highly professional teacher trainers who were able to help me develop my teaching skills in an effective but also very empathetic way. It is very demanding regarding time and effort but it is doable and absolutely worth it. The centre provided us with all the facilities and amenities that we needed. I am very satisfied and I can highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about teaching English and wants to become an efficient teacher."

"The CELTA course at IH Bratislava completely fulfilled my expectation, and I was given way more than I was expecting. I had some teaching experience prior to applying for CELTA, but I felt that I needed to make my teaching methods more strategic and organised. I couldn’t choose a better way to do that! I learnt how to teach different types of skills, how to deliver an effective grammar lesson, how to organise my lesson into logical stages and, what I ended up appreciating the most, how to make my classes more student-centred and purposeful for the learners. All that was made possible thanks to our lovely and experienced tutors Laura and Stephanie, who were constantly providing us with useful feedback and advice. The staff of the IH centre in Bratislava was incredibly friendly, and even though those 4 weeks were truly intense, we felt welcomed and supported all the time. If you decide to apply for CELTA, you’ll get (in addition to some sleepless nights) so much invaluable experience, feedback, improvement, and a bunch of like-minded peer trainees :)" 

"I feel fortunate that I could have taken part in the CELTA course at IH this year. It was hard and intense, but I feel my confidence and competence has improved a lot. Our tutors Laura and Stephanie have set an inspiring example when conducting extremely enjoyable, communicative sessions on complex linguistic issues. Moreover, our teaching has been insightfully observed, discussed, commented, appreciated and most of all, improved. I have also enjoyed a wonderful, encouraging team spirit our classmates and tutors have created during the course. To sum up, the course has been an immense source of knowledge, skills and inspiration, and was definitely worth of money and hard work."

"Nothing could have prepared me for just how intensive the CELTA course was. That said, it was definitely worth all the hard work. The input sessions are really helpful and engaging and Laura & Stephanie (our tutors) were supportive and approachable. I'd recommend the CELTA course at IH Bratislava to anyone who wants to teach English because it clarifies the methodology behind effective teaching practice. An experience that has taught me valuable skills that I can apply in the classroom."


Who is CELTA for?

  • New teachers starting their career
  • First-language English speakers and non-first-language speakers
  • Teachers with some experience who want to develop their skills
  • Teachers who want to travel and teach English

You can take CELTA in many schools all over the world, and in Slovakia – it is IH Bratislava.
We can run the CELTA course in Bratislava also thanks to Erasmus+ (OID E10155217).

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