14th IH konferencia pre učiteľov angličtiny v Bratislave

IH ELT Conference for English Teachers

International House Bratislava was very proud to hold their 14th ELT conference for English Teachers.  
This year was a very special one as IH Bratislava is celebrating a great achievement. We have been approved as the first Slovak CELTA teacher training centre; so, you can now attend the CELTA in our school.

Twenty teacher training workshops led by ten speakers were delivered on various topics ranging from teaching lexically to using stories and art in the classroom.  They were aimed at teachers of adults, teenagers and young learners.

Our guest of honour was Matthew Ellman - a regional ELT Trainer for Cambridge University Press who delivers training for teachers and institutions across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The other nine speakers consisted of teachers and managers at International House Bratislava. They have a wealth of experience in teaching diverse age groups and English specialisms and have taught in various countries around the world.  Nearly half of these presenters spoke about topics they had learned about on teacher training courses they had attended in different EU member states.  They had been able to do this thanks to the generous funding from the Erasmus Plus scheme.

Over 100 teachers took part in the conference and they came from a diverse group.  Approximately 71% teach at language schools, 15% in primary schools, 9% in secondary schools and 4% in universities.  Their feedback on the conference was extremely positive. 

Here are some of the comments they made:

“Great teachers, positive and creative atmosphere, amazing ideas from the attendees. Many thanks!”
 “Thank you very much. This was an awesome conference and a great atmosphere. I am already looking forward to the following year!“
 “Excellent.  Best conference so far!”
“It was very useful and I got a lot of ideas for using in my work”
“I’d like to come again!”
“It was informative and inspiring and the ideas can easily be implemented in class”
“As always, the organisation was excellent.  Everything was on time and well-organised”

We would like to thank all the attendees, organisers and our partners for helping to create such a successful event.

Stránka konferencie