We are successful in international projects

As part of the ERASMUS+ programs, our language school International House Bratislava received Erasmus Accreditation for a period of 7 years, during which it can apply for international grants of the Erasmus+ program in the field of school education in a simplified form.

Akreditácia IH Bratislava Erasmus plus

At the same time, we founded a consortium. The partners of the consortium are: ZŠ Mudroňova,  ZŠ Nejedlého a ZŠ Lozorno, ZŠ Borodáčova, ŠpMNDaG, Gymnázium Grösslingová. Our common goal is to create an attractive programme of cooperation with foreign partner schools, to ensure online cooperation as well as exchange stays for pupils of partner schools of the consortium. For the Slovak teachers of our partner schools, we plan to participate in job shadowing in foreign partner schools and participation in methodological courses in various countries of the European Union.

Consortium IHBA

We believe that our schools will become visible in international environment and teachers will gain experience and skills that they will be able to apply in the educational process.

We look forward to international cooperation with our partners :)