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If you want to register for a language course and are not a complete beginner, test your language level for free:

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After determining your level, choose a suitable language course from our current offer:

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We offer face-to-face courses, Live online with a teacher or e-learning without a teacher (for English and Spanish).
You can choose general courses or preparatory courses for Cambridge exams.
If you want to improve your speaking, choose English conversation courses.

Registration for the Cambridge exam

Before you register for the exam, you should know the following:
Each exam date has a registration deadline that is more than a month before the exam date.
The Saturday exam dates for the written part have the speaking part on Fridays before. If you want to take the exam in one day, choose a date in the middle of the week.
After the exam, it takes another 4-6 weeks to get your results online, another 4 weeks to get your certificate.
The Statement of Result, i.e. the online result from the exam, is usually sufficient for schools.

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