Net Languages

Net Languages is an online language school which was originally set up in 1998 by a group of people based at International House, Barcelona. The company designs, writes and programs online language courses and materials, as well as selling and tutoring them.

Since the company was set up, over 3 million students from all around the world have benefited from and continue to enjoy the materials Net Languages has on offer.

We want our own students to be our most effective sales team. In other words, we want them to love our products and services; that will motivate them to tell
their friends about us.

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Our English E-learning courses
  • General English
  • English for Work (Applying for a Job, Banking and Finance, Dealing with the Public, Meetings, Negotiating and Selling, Presenting Your Work, Telephoning, Travelling, Writing)
  • English for Doctors
  • IELTS preparation material
  • First Certificate of English - preparation
  • Methodology for Teachers
  • English for Very Young Learners
  • English for Kids
  • English for Teens
  • Grammar Practice
  • Vocabulary Practice
  • Listening Practice
  • Pronunciation Practice
  • Writing Practice
Our Spanish E-learning courses
  • General Spanish
  • Spanish Grammar Practice
  • Spanish Vocabulary Practice
  • Spanish Listening Practice
  • Spanish Verb Conjugator