Terms and conditions

  1. The minimum age for students in an adult class is 15. Conditions are the same for courses in IH Bratislava premises and for LIVE ONLINE courses in virtual classrooms.
  2. Registration by email or telephone has the same status as registration in person. The Terms and conditions included in this application form are binding from the moment you sign the application or receive it by email.
  3. The fee can only be paid after registering for a specific course and once the invoice has been issued. The invoice must be paid at least 3 days before the start of the course.
  4. If the fee is not paid 3 days before the start of the course the school reserves the right to cancel the student`s registration. The day of payment is the day that the money has been received by the school.
  5. If the student is entitled to any discount, he/she has to claim it before the start of registration. It is not possible to apply for a discount after the registration is complete. It is the student`s duty to check all the discounts available on the website www.ihbratislava.sk. You cannot accumulate discounts.
  6. The course fee does not cover the cost of the course book, which we recommend buying after the first lesson.
  7. When paying with Sodexo, Accor Services, Le Cheque Dejeuner vouchers, the student cannot obtain any discount (this applies also to continuing students).
  8. Placement in a course is non-transferable. Transfer to a course of a different level is handled by the registration office. A teacher`s approval is necessary in such cases.
  9. In case of unforseen circumstances (announcement of a state of emergency, pandemics) the school will replace missed lessons via LIVE ONLINE.
  10. There is no reimbursement for a student`s absence and the school does not provide a substitute lesson.
  11. Refunds:
    a. 100%of the remaining course fee will be returned if the course is cancelled by the school. The school reserves the right to cancel a course with less than 6 students registered. In that case the fee will be reimbursed in the full amount to the student`s account.
    b. 95% of the remaining course fee will be returned upon written request, if the student cancels before the course starts.
    c. 80% of the remaining course fee will be returned upon written request, if the student cancels within 7 days from the first lesson which he/she was registered to. After that time 0% of the course fee will be returned.
  12. The school does not take responsibility for any personal belongings brought into the school. It is not allowed to bring a bicycle or a pet to school.
  13. To continue in the following semester, the student needs to register again to a specific course to guarantee a place.
  14. General Data Protection:
    a. IHBA processes personal data of its students in accordance with the European Parliament and Commission Directive n. 2016/679 - the Regulation on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR) and Act 18/2018, chapter on the protection of personal data. IHBA only processes such data, which is crucial for participation in a course in order to fulfil all its legal and contractual obligations. These mainly include: name, surname, address, date of birth, email and telephone number. IHBA processes this data with the purpose of registration (enrolment) into a course, completion thereof, assessment thereof and for sending necessary information.
    b. IHBA processes personal data of students with the consent of the students or their legal guardians. They may provide, during the registration process or during the duration of the course, a consent to taking photos or videos and their subsequent publishing online, on notice boards or in promotion materials for the purpose of presenting IHBA activities to the public or to various media. The student or their legal guardian may withdraw this consent at any time. 
    c. Information about the processing of personal data is published on the school´s website ihbratislava.sk in the section: General Data Protection Regulation
  15. We reserve the right to change or substitute the teacher during the course.