Our premises

To ensure that our students have the best possible environment for studying, we are constantly trying to innovate and improve our premises and make them as comfortable as we possibly can.
Our classes are located in the city centre of Bratislava on SNP square 14. We offer modern premises which provide a comfortable space for the teachers and a good learning space for the students. We also have a reception where we are happy to answer all of your questions.

Download: Proclamation regarding language course

Organisation of face to face lessons at International House Bratislava, ltd.

  1. All students and employees and partners of the school are informed about the necessity to adhere to the H – D –M principle (hands, distance, and mask) in accordance with the instructions published by the office of public health and the Ministry of Health of Slovakia.
  2. Important notices have been placed on our doors. Nobody with symptoms may enter the school premises.
  3. At the entrance to the school, a disinfection filter has been placed, for hand sanitising.
  4. Before lessons start, temperature will be measured – another filter applied. Nobody with a temperature above 37.2 will be allowed to join the lessons.
  5. It is essential to limit the time spent on school premises to a minimum, teachers and students should not arrive to school more than 5 min. before the lesson is due to start.
  6. Before the start of group courses on IH premises, the school collects declarations about non- infectiousness and stores them for at least one month.
  7. The courses will be organised in small groups, so social distancing norms can be adhered to, each classroom will be aired frequently during the lessons.
  8. Information flyers can be found at school, on how to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus, COVID-19, to make sure that we point out the importance of proper hygienic procedure.
  9. In case there is a suspicion of coronavirus infection, the school has a separate, isolated room where the affected person may be taken for the time necessary.
  10. It is necessary to wear face masks while being inside the school. They are also compulsory during the lessons.
Updated: 10.9.2021

Studying in our language school is made comfortable by:

  • 9 air-conditioned classes
  • Wi-fi
  • A library for your study hours
  • A PC with a data projector in most of the classes