Individual German course online

Online one to one German course


A0 to C2

Kurz sa prispôsobí vašej úrovni jazyka


One to one (14x60m)

You can choose a focus according to your own needs.


Live online

The course takes place online in a virtual classroom.

Number of lessons


14x60 minute lessons


500 €

The teachers share the used teaching materials with the students.

Curriculum and objective of the online individual German course

The objective of all our German courses is to improve in every language skill (speaking, listening, writing, and listening). The teacher will give you opportunities and space you need for self-realization and improvement of your self-expression in the target language. The individual classes are creative and interactive, taught by an experienced language teacher who will focus on your personal objectives.

By the end of your German course you will be able to express yourself in the target language, and you will be more confident and fluent. Your communicative as well as listening skills will improve. Our teacher will collaborate with you to focus on areas where you need to improve the most.

If you need a different number of lessons, contact us or put this information in the notes when registering.

Focus of the online individual German course

In the case of individual German courses, you can choose the focus of teaching, or its combination
  • General
  • Conversation
  • Business German