Slovak for foreigners

All courses are Live online in virtual classrooms - until further notice.

Evening semestral courses

Level Type Dates Schedule Time Fee Les. Code
A1.2 face-to-face 8.2.-18.6.2021 Monday & Wednesday 18.10 - 19.10 278 € 37 (60min.) SIHA12B
A2.1 face-to-face 8.2.-18.6.2021 Tuesday & Thursday 18.10 - 19.10 285 € 38 (60min.) SIHA21B
A2.2 face-to-face 8.2.-18.6.2021 Monday & Wednesday 18.10 - 19.10 278 € 37 (60min.) SIHA22B
B1.2 Live online 8.2.-18.6.2021 Tuesday & Thursday 19.15 - 20.15 285 € 38 (60min.) SIHB12C_onl
B2.1 Live online 8.2.-18.6.2021 Monday & Wednesday 19.15 - 20.15 278 € 37 (60min.) SIHB21C_onl
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2-week intensive courses

Level Type Date Schedule Time Fee Les. Code
A1 Beginner Live online 15.3.-26.3.2021 Monday to Friday 9.00 - 12.10 294 € 30 (60min.) SLIA1R_onl
A1 Beginner Live online 12.4.-23.4.2021 Monday to Friday 9.00 - 12.10 294 € 30 (60min.) SLIA1A_onl
A2 Live online 26.4.-7.5.2021 Monday to Friday 9.00 - 12.10 294 € 30 (60min.) SLIA2A_onl
A1 Beginner Live online 10.5.-21.5.2021 Monday to Friday 9.00 - 12.10 294 € 30 (60min.) SLIA1M_onl
A2 Live online 24.5.-4.6.2021 Monday to Friday 9.00 - 12.10 294 € 30 (60min.) SLIA2M_onl
A1 Beginner Live online 7.6.-18.6.2021 Monday to Friday 9.00 - 12.10 294 € 30 (60min.) SLIA1U_onl
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Slovak Basic Flexi - a 3-day Slovak course

Slovak Basic Flexi is a three day course of Slovak for foreigners (3 x 4 hours). Students will learn basic Slovak vocabulary and develop communication skills. After taking part in the course the students are able to create simple sentences, and to communicate in a restaurant, in a shop or on the street at a basic level.
Level Type Date Schedule Time Fee Les. Code
A1 Beginner Live online 29.3.-31.3.2021 Monday až Wednesday 9:00 - 13:15 198 € 12 (60min.) SLBF1
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"I enjoy the B1 course with my teacher. She is very good teacher and very flexible with teaching style and content. She provided us practical language points and easy acceptable teaching style. I learned a lot from her class.
Thank you."

"Thanks so much to all the teachers, I found the course excellent. It was intense and just what I was looking for. I got a great understanding of grammar, verbs, and how to structure my sentences. We covered so much in just three days but the teachers moved at my speed and we had plenty of practice on each topic to make sure I understood. I'm looking forward to practicing everything I have learned and returning for the next level as soon as possible."

"Olga is a very good Slovak teacher, it's very rare for a teacher to be able to explain Slovak case grammar in a way an English native can understand."


Slovak conversation classes for foreigners are designed for the students who are interested in conversation as well as improvement and practice of Slovak grammar. Each class revolves around one interesting topic. The lesson consists of various communication activities to practice individual micro skills.

Slovak for foreigners, individual classes (One to one): The  lesson is dedicated to one student, therefore the pace of the lesson and the topics of the lesson are tailored to the student’s needs and requirements.
We try to adapt to students’ needs as much as possible, and that’s why we offer the flexi programme, which allows the student to plan his classes according to his needs and possibilities. That means there is no fixed timetable.

ECL Exam preparation:
Our language school offers you an opportunity to take the Slovak ECL exam. We are the first and so far, the only school in Bratislava that offers this exam and the exam preparation course as well. The exam takes place in our school premises twice a year and is recognised in many EU countries.

Slovak for foreigners - 2-week intensive courses: The courses are opened throughout the year for two weeks, with lessons every day. The courses are available for different levels, usually the beginners courses are followed by higher levels. 

Study abroad at IH Bratislava: An intensive course of Slovak for foreigners according to a student’s requirements. We provide accommodation in a host family or in an apartment, meals, and cultural life. The course consists mostly of individual classes, but a student can join an existing group should they wish to.

Slovak for foreigners language courses at IH Bratislava