Russian courses Bratislava

Russian has become a popular language once more. Do you want to find out what people like about it? Do you want to have an advantage on the job market? Register for our Russian course at IH Bratislava, which takes place at our school premises.

Current course offer

Level Dates Type Schedule Time Fee Les. Code
A1 / Beginner 7.2.-24.6.2022 Live online Monday + Wednesday 17.05 - 18.05 293 € 39 (60min.) RIHA11A_onl
A2 7.2.-24.6.2022 Live online Monday + Wednesday 18.10 - 19.10 293 € 39 (60min.) RIHA21B_onl
B1 7.2.-24.6.2022 Live online Thursday 17.05 - 18.05 300 € 40 (60min.) RIHB11P_onl
C1 7.2.-24.6.2022 Live online Tuesday 17.05 - 19.05 300 € 40 (60min.) RIHC11P_onl

Online registration

Study with us individually LIVE ONLINE in virtual classes:


Text books are not included in the course fee but our school offers you the text books with 15 % discount.

How the Russian language class looks at IH Bratislava

General Russian courses are designed by our language school academics with support of study literature. The classes include practice of all the language skills:
  • writing
  • grammar
  • speaking
  • listening
  • reading

The minimum age requirement for our Russian classes is 15,which makes our groups a place where the different generations can meet.


Russian classes at IH Bratislava

Register for our Russian courses and you will be speaking Russian sooner then you expect. A Russian course is the right choice for you to gain an advantage on the job market.

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