One to one individual classes

A one to one course is the ideal way to improve language skills for people who are too busy, people who have specific requirements for their course, or for those who need to prepare for an exam, interview or project in a short time period.
For us to be able to tailor the course to your needs, you will be asked to fill in the needs analysis questionnaire before the beginning of the course. The needs analysis is a document where the student specifies his priorities, needs and requirements. Based on this we will design a personalised individual course according to the student’s needs.


For whom is the course intended?

The one to one course is intended for busy students who need a flexible or intensive schedule and fast improvement of their language skills. 
Also for students who need to prepare for:  

Curriculum and objective of the course

The objective of all our courses is to improve in every language skill (speaking, listening, writing, and listening). The teacher will give you opportunities and space you need for self-realization and improvement of your self-expression in the target language. The individual classes are creative and interactive, taught by an experienced language teacher who will focus on your personal objectives as they are defined in the needs analysis. By the end of your course you will be able to express yourself in the target language, and you will be more confident and fluent. Your communicative as well as listening skills will improve. With the help of our native speaker, you will get used to natural communication in the foreign language. Our teacher will collaborate with you to focus on areas where you need to improve the most.


Course details

  • Minimal language level: no minimal level required
  • Languages: English, German, Slovak for foreigners, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian
  • Time allocated: 14 Hours (60 min.), recommended intensity is minimum twice a week
  • Course duration: one week or more
  • Price: 500€

If you are interested in a one to one individual course with specific requirements concerning the length, intensity or focus of the course please register online.