Blended learning

What is “Blended Learning”?

Blended Learning is a system of study made up of 50% classroom time and 50% independent study using IH Campus.  IH Campus is an online learning platform created by Macmillan Education which is host to thousands of online resources at all levels of the Common European Framework of levels (CEFR). The platform is also host to lots of games, sample written essays with commentary, grammar reference materials and full access to the Macmillan online dictionary.  Blended learning courses are currently offered as preparation courses for the Cambridge English Exams, though more courses may be added in the future.

How does it work?

Every user will be assigned an online preparation course specific to their path of study and a teacher to supervise the course.  The platform allows constant communication with the class teacher who has access to the results of every activity which the student has attempted.  This enables the teacher to constantly monitor all of their students and where necessary suggest additional practice activities for the students to improve in areas of weakness.  After completing an activity you will receive instant feedback from the Campus informing you of your result – activities can be tried any number of times until 100% success is achieved.

The class time will be spent focusing on preparation for the speaking exam, improving exam skills and strategies, improving fluency, grammar and dealing with problem areas.  The classroom time can also be used as an opportunity to discuss any issues related to the exam and any general language problems.  

The class teacher will be the same teacher as is assigned to your online access and will be an experienced native speaking teacher of English.

Why take a blended learning course?

There are a number of reason why we feel blended learning is beneficial to our students, who wish to prepare for Cambridge English Exams:
  • As much of the work is done at home, the lesson time can be maximized to focus on only the most important issues regarding your study.  Also, no classroom time is used for mock exams, though a full pre-registration mock exam can be arranged for a small extra cost.
  • Blended learning is the perfect solution for students who are too busy to attend a course twice a week, but still want to make good progress.
  • Blended learning is also an ideal solution for students who have completed a full exam preparation course, but still don’t feel comfortable enough to take an exam.
  • The price of the course includes 4 months unlimited access to IH Campus and 2 hours per week face-to-face tuition on the premises of IH Bratislava, making it a very cost efficient way to study.