IH LAC (IH Language Awareness Course)

This course is for qualified teachers wanting to develop their language awareness beyond initial training. It is also suitable for non-native speakers who may not be entirely confident with much of the terminology used to describe English grammar.
It is suitable for less experienced teachers because sessions initially involve analysis of core grammatical areas commonly found in coursebooks and  for more experienced teachers as it goes on to explore these language areas in greater depth. Participants need to have completed the CELTA or an equivalent certificate and should ideally have at least a basic grasp of grammar commonly found in coursebooks and a high level of proficiency in English.

Where does it come from?

The course is provided by the International House World Organisation and written by Alex Tilbury. On completion of the course and assignments, successful participants will receive a certificate from the IH World Organisation.
addWhat does the course cover?
The course aims to increase your confidence and knowledge of the ‘basics’ of English grammar in a lively, fun and very practical way11 modules covering: describing language, tense, auxiliaries and operators, question tags, modality, reported speech, future forms, forms with ‘have’ and ‘be’ and conditional sentences.

The course contains 14 sessions each of 1½ hours (90 minutes). The content of each session is outlined below.
The content is intended to familiarise course participants with descriptions of language commonly found in coursebooks and other published materials ('pedagogical grammar') to enable course participants to critique such descriptions, both in terms of their descriptive accuracy, and their usefulness to learners.

How is the course assessed?

The course is run face-to-face by qualified tutors. Candidates are assessed on a portfolio of homework tasks and a detailed lesson plan that analyses a course book language area.

Course content

IH LAC - sessions
Nr. Topic
Session 1 Describing language
Session 2 Tense
Session 3 Auxiliaries and operators
Session 4 Modal verbs I (extrinsic meaning)
Session 5 Modal verbs II (intrinsic meaning)
Session 6 Will and would
Session 7 Future forms
Session 8 Forms with have (perfect aspect)
Session 9 Forms with be I (progressive aspect)
Session 10 Forms with be II (passive voice)
Session 11 The verb form
Session 12 Conditional sentences
Session 13 The noun phrase
Session 14 Language as lexis
addDates and Fees
The course will take place at International House Bratislava, Nám. SNP 14, Bratislava


  • October - May
  •  Twice  a month on Fridays from 14.30till 16.00
The fee is: 183 EUR
addHow to apply

Minimum requirements

  • Be over eighteen years of age
  • Have the CELTA or equivalent teaching qualification
  • Have at least CAE or equivalent level of English
  • Applicants need to be qualified teachers with at least one year of full-time experience.
  • Applicants require regular / daily access to the internet with a good connection.
Complete and send the application form to the email: info(at)ihbratislava.sk