IH Conference for teachers

International House Bratislava in association with Cambridge University Press is proud to present its ELT conference.

17th International House Bratislava Conference for English Teachers

18th  February 2023
(registration deadline: 31.1.2023)


9:30 - 16:15
1 plenary session + 4 workshops (with breaks)

IH Bratislava premises, Námestie SNP 14

How much?
TBA (for IH Bratislava teachers and partner schoolt it´s free of charge)
We will send the links for the specific workshops only to the attendees who have paid the fees.


16th International House Bratislava Conference for English Teachers / Feb 2022

Main Speaker 2022

Olha Madylus - Main speaker for the conferenceOlha Madylus

Olha has taught in the UK, Greece, Hong Kong and Venezuela. She is a freelance author, materials’ designer, consultant and teacher trainer.
She is based in London and as well as working with Cambridge University Press does consultation, teacher training and teacher trainer training for organisations such as The British Council and Ministries of Education worldwide.
Her main focus is on understanding and motivating learners.
She is the author of Film, TV and Music, a photocopiable activities book for teenagers, Cambridge University Press.


Please note that places are limited in each workshop. Therefore the registration will be done on a first come, first served basis.
You can choose one workshop at each time slot.
IH Bratislava ELT conference - programme 2022

PLENARY session:
Life Competencies in the English Language Classroom
What are life competencies? Why are they important? How can we develop them in our students while teaching English?
In the modern world, the ability to memorize information and follow instructions is no longer valued as much as what we do with that information or working well with groups of people very different from ourselves.  A focus on life competencies is about developing thinking and learning skills, as well as social and emotional skills.
In this presentation we shall explore what exactly these life competencies are and how skills like leadership, collaboration and communication can not only be incorporated with language learning but also enhance it.

In the other workshops you could learn about:

Aran Keaton: Educating Adults about Adult Education
Adult learners are amazing!  Join us to explore what motivates them and the roles of learners and facilitators in adult education.  We'll use examples to look at how you can make your adult lessons more learner centered, engaging, and memorable using autonomy building activities.  Some of the strategies involve learner training, micro-teaching, gamification, and asking better questions.

Nicholas Worth: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About CELTA But Were Afraid to Ask
Come to the workshop and find out!

Filip Kšenzulák: Insight into Delta Module One theory: Morphology of affixes
In this theoretical workshop we will take a quick look at derivational and inflectional morphology and how the knowledge can be used in class to improve the (self) study process of students of predominantly higher levels. The focus here is to show you some of the theory that you may encounter on your journey towards Delta.

Marcel Janoviak: 21st century skills – a combination of education and technology
In this workshop you will be introduced to some apps and websites thanks to which you will acquire the tools that can be used in class to improve student engagement, the possibilities of study and self-study process and to enlive lessons. You will see some examples of how creative and more interesting, exciting and competitive lessons could be. Tasks, exercises, vocabulary, or homework do not have to be boring and a range of different activities to energize the process of learning can be included in your classes.  

Pete Easton: Pronunciation: What to teach and how to teach it?
We all know that pronunciation is important for learners, but the amount that needs to be covered can leave teachers unsure what to teach at different levels and how to incorporate it into their lessons.  In this workshop, we will look at some practical activities to help engage learners in the process, along with discussion about demands and expectations for each.  The topics covered will run through all levels, including young learners and adults.

Laura Bíró: Instructions (not only) in Exam Preparation Classes
When I think about giving instructions, I see it as a way to communicate important information in class. However, communication is not information given, communication is information received. If we look back at our classes, we might remember the following:
1. Students are given a task and are told what to do = information is given.
2. Off they go and do something completely different = information is not received.
In this workshop we will discuss how to help our students “receive information”. We will consider the importance of planning our instructions and using ICQs (Instruction Checking Questions). Furthermore, we will discuss and experiment with the use of Instruction Checking Activities as a further tool to become better able to help our learners understand what is expected from them.

Olha Madylus: A hands-on approach to integrating Life Competencies in our Classrooms
In this workshop practical tasks and approaches will be presented and examined. We will discover how our course book lends itself to activities  that foster the development of life competencies e.g. reading comprehension with critical thinking and writing with creativity. Teachers can take away ideas to use immediately in their own classrooms.

Zuzana Teplická: Implementing ICT effectively in face-to-face classes
Teachers have learnt a lot in the last two years and so have their students. We have explored the world of information technologies and learnt to use the tools in online classes efficiently. In this workshop I would like to talk about implementing these tools in face-to-face classes. You will be introduced to some Online Learning Portals and see examples of how to use them to make your lessons more engaging. We will also cover Digital Storytelling and have a quick look at how to create content and edit videos, along with the discussion about advantages and possible risks in implementing multimedia in face-to-face classes.

Katka Hrtánková: Drills in YL classes
Drilling still remains a useful technique in the classroom if it is used appropriately. In this workshop we are going to look at using different types of drills and discuss when and what we should drill with our students  to make presenting or consolidating  of the target language  as effective as possible. In this workshop we are going to focus on ideas how  to make drilling more interesting and challenging for the students.

Matthew McGeever: Using 'Guided Discovery' to encourage student-centred grammar
Instead of presenting grammar through a teacher-led explanation, the Guided Discovery approach encourages a student-centred noticing of grammar. This workshop will discuss the merits of this approach for both students and teachers, looking at how Meaning, Form and Pronunciation can be discovered. We will look at some examples of Guided Discovery in coursebooks and also create our own Guided Discovery activities.

Vlado Kmec: Life Coaching for Teachers: Happy Teachers for Better Students
"You can´t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first." Unknown author.
The whole session is based on this simple quote. Understanding of what makes you happy and what helps you maintain and develop mental fitness is a precondition of building good relationships with others - family, neighbours, colleagues or students. The workshop attempts to raise awareness of this neglected skill and offers a medley of ideas and techniques to exercise it.

Eva Košuthová: Creative Strategies for Language Teachers
“People should be taught how to think, not what to think.”
We’ll look at WHY and try to answer HOW to make it happen, so that by teaching a language we also support creativity, thoughtful learning and open mindedness.

Jerome Bailey: Innovations in Language Teaching Methodology
An introduction to a variety of apps, websites and other useful platforms for use in a 'digital classroom' or in online learning. Participants will come out of the workshop with better classroom ICT skills, and learn how to create more engaging classes which bring learning into the digital sphere inhabited by 'Generation Z' students.
Note - To get the most from the class, it would be a good idea to bring an internet enabled smartphone or tablet.

Conference is organised in cooperation with:
Cambridge University Press

Selected workshops were prepared by Erasmus + mobility participants
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Feedbacks on 16th IH ELT ONLINE conference in 2022

I really enjoyed today´s conference. Olha provided many interesting and inspiring thoughts that I´ve written down and will use in the future.

I thought the conference was well organised. The sessions were of adequate length (neither too long nor too short) and there were regular breaks between sessions which was nice. The sessions were interactive and good use was made of the breakout rooms. The topics were quite practical and a lot of ideas were exchanged.

The conference was very well organised, convenient and efficient. Useful and up-to-date topics, a good balance of lectures and practice (in groups), useful sharing amongst peer learners. Frankly, I got much more than I expected (even more than from some life conferences). I am looking forward to real ones, nevertheless. Thank you! Katarina

I am glad I attended this conference as it was a great experience not only because I was introduced to new teaching techniques but because it was really interesting to share tools with other teachers. I would be happy to attend the event again next year as I genuinely feel that sharing will enrich everyone with more knowledge.

It was well organized and interesting. The info was concise and informative. Good food for thought.

Good time frame for the workshop, nice breaks, 5 workshops are quite enough, well led, breakout rooms very well organized, Overall, I'd say I'm satisfied with the conference.

I think Olha's Plenary raised some really well made points about teaching skills, how students can use those skills to learn English, as well as other subjects as well. Lots to think about how I can implement these ideas into my own lessons with adults.

Inspiring and thought provoking.

Brilliant, inspiring, helpful, relaxed :-)

The plenary session as well as most of the seminars were interesting and inspiring. Thank you.

Everything ran smoothly and was a great chance to do some digital professional development.  Thanks!

Thank you for organizing the conference and inviting me to join in. The time invested in it has been worthwhile.

Thank you. All the speakers provided me with very useful advice, highly applicable in my learning-teaching process. Moreover, it was a joy to be with them.  Thank you again.

Everything went well, the emails with the links were sent on time and I had no issue joining any of the sessions. The timing was respected with regular breaks.

Thank you for organising it. I had a great online time :) I used some of the ideas in my classes on Monday

Feedbacks on 15th IH ELT ONLINE conference in 2021

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to see smart people in one place). The organisation was great. The speakers are the best."

"Thank you very much for organizing this conference, it was simply great and useful. Many new tips for teaching, interesting ideas for online lessons. Ben Goldstein as the main speaker was excellent. Thank you for the time, energy and effort you all put in, was definitely worth it."

"Thank you for amazing webinars, they were interactive, everything ran smoothly and the content was very inspirational and enlightening, including the plenary session!"

"It was my first experience and I was really satisfied with everything - communication, program, punctuality, running everything smoothly - I mistakenly had expected some technical problems. Luckily, there were no problems at all."

"I really enjoyed the conference. I appreciate that the workshops I took were really interactive. Thank you."

"The conference was very helpful. Thank you very much! :) :) :)"

"It was professional and worth participating in this conference."

"The conference was very nice for me. All lecturers were excellently prepared. Thank you very much. I am very glad that I was able to participate. I will definitely use themes in my work. I really liked it. I wish the whole team all the best, especially health."

"Online form was good for me. I didn´t have to travel. And it was well-organised from the very beginning. Thank you all."

"Thank you for a perfect organization,good presenters and useful topics."

"It was very well organized and I enjoyed it as always :)"

"Organization of the conference online was a great idea. I thank for overall organization and technical support to the IHBA staff and presenters for inspirational workshops :-)"

"Thank you for organising this event, it was an amazing experience and I am already looking forward to attending your next event :)"

"Thank you to all the presenters and IHB for a great conference. Hope to meet you face to face next year!!"

"It was very well organised, no technical issues involved.Thank you very much :-)"

"Very well organized and prepared sessions.Quite informative overal."

"Although this was a first year of this conference being run online, it was professionally organised and well-managed."

"Great experience and I’ve found many interestings ideas! Thank you, IH!"

"My big THANK YOU to everybody involved in organizing of this event. It must have been a lot of work, but it will certainly pay off. Great job!"

"Well-organized from the technical point of view. The speakers were very friendly and professional. Looking forward to the next conference!"

Feedbacks on previous offline years:

"A very informative event. I´ll be sure to apply what I have learnt. Thank you!
Great speakers. Tank you!
Inspiring activities I want to an I wil try in my classes.
I enjoyed it very much. Thank you!"

"...thanks for sending me the photos from the IH Conference 2014.
For me, it was really an inspirational day.
Thanks for good seminars full of interesting thoughts and ideas which have given me a new motivation and desire to improve my teaching skills.
I have already given the references to my colleagues.
We are looking forward to the 10th IH Conference."

"Thank you for this email with some useful information and especially nice photos. I enjoyed the conference very much."