Day camp with English

Treat your children to a week full of fun and English.

Dates of Day English camp 2020:

  • 6.7.-10.7.2020
  • 13.7.-17.7.2020
  • 27.7.-31.7.2020
  • 3.8.-7.8.2020
  • 10.8.-14.8.2020
  • 17.8.-21.8.2020

Registration form

Age group: 7- 12 years old
Number of students in English group: 6-15

The price of Day English Camp 2020:

150€ (in case of registration and the payment before 30ieth of April)
170€ (in case of registration and the payment after 1st of May)
10% discount for our students and the children of our students

Registration will be open soon.

The price of Day English Camp includes: study materials, snacks and lunch, refreshments, tickets and health insurance.

We have prepared for your children in 2020

  • Qualified teachers of English
  • Games, fun and exercise
  • Crafts and workshops

Day schedule:

Day camp with English schedule


Parents and children feedback:

"Hello I want to say thank you for the organisation and the pictures from the Daly camp. Silvia liked it very much. Every day she was looking forward to go to the language school. She said that the first week of the summer holiday was awesome.

"Thank you so much Children loved it. Romanko gave me his certificate on Friday and announced that next year he is going to learn more English.”

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