English in primary schools - Start Right

The START RIGHT Programme is an innovative method of English language learning aimed at primary school pupils, ages 6-14. IH Bratislava is an international language school educating primary school children from 2005.
If you would like to register your child to an English course, please fill out the online application:

Online application for 2022/23

Where do we teach?

Currently, we conduct these courses at 22 of our partnership schools in Bratislava, among them:

ZŠ Beňovského, ZŠ Budatínska, ZŠ Borodáčova, ZŠ Černyševského, ZŠ Česká, ZŠ Gessayova, ZŠ Hargašová, ZŠ Hlboká, ZŠ Kulíškova, ZŠ Lachova, ZŠ Lozorno, ZŠ Malokarpatské námestie, ZŠ Matky Alexie, ZŠ Mudroňova, ZŠ Nejedlého, ZŠ Odborárska, ZŠ Pankúchova, ZŠ Podzáhradná, ZŠ Ružová dolina, ZŠ Sibírska, ZŠ Tbiliská, ZŠ Železničná

What to expect from the “Start Right" English course

  • Innovative English teaching
  • We start in 1st grade, guiding children all the way through to grade 9.
  • The course is divided into 2 semesters, the course lasts from September to June
  • Intensity: 2x45 or 2x60 minutes per week or higher
  • Effective education in playful form in English
  • Writing becomes an integral part of the course in 2nd grade
  • Number of pupils in a course: max. 10
  • A detailed description (PDF) of IH Bratislava Start Right course

Assessment and certification:

  • A final test at the end of the school year with a numerical assessment of each skill
  • IH certificate at the end of the school year
  • A confirmation of knowledge through the internationally recognised certificate Cambridge English: Young Learners (YLE)

Price, registration and payment:

  • The pupils should be registered online, the number of places in a course are limited
  • The registration is for one school year: two semesters (winter and summer)
  • The price is 220 EUR per semester, with the intensity 2x45 min per week
  • In case of a other intensity, the price is adjusted

General binding conditions 2022/2023 (PDF)

Start Right rules (PDF)

Wellbeing and Safety Policy (PDF)