Business English

Nowadays, you can hardly do business without coming across English. Make yourself as comfortable as possible in contact with your business partners and try our Business English course. Your communication will be clear and comprehensible, and you will gain confidence about your English presentation skills.
Level of the course is B2/C1
Dates Type Schedule Time Fee Les. Course Code
15.3.-28.4.2021 Live online Tuesday / Thursday 19.15 - 20.15  130 € 13 (60min.) ALBER_onl
10.5.-23.6.2021 Live online Tuesday / Thursday 19.15 - 20.15 140 € 14 (60min.) ALBEM_onl
Registration for Business Eng.

You can choose individual classes.

Types of Business English courses

The General Business English course
It is a course ideal for the students who need to improve their Business English but don´t need an international certificate to prove the achieved language level. 

The Business English Certificate preparation course (BEC)
The course is ideal for those who need to prove their language level and obtain an internationally recognized certificate:
  • Cambridge English: Business Preliminary (BEC Preliminary) – B1 level
  • Cambridge English: Business Vantage (BEC Vantage) – B2 level
  • Cambridge English: Business Higher (BEC Higher) – C1 level 

Business English – what you can look forward to

A wide range of topics related to the work environment. The English courses are focused on developing the vocabulary and grammar while placing weight on the practical use of them in everyday life as well as the work environment.
  • making contacts
  • making decisions
  • meetings
  • social English
  • emailing and business correspondence
  • solving problems
  • making presentations
  • business travel

We will help you fulfil your ambitions:

  • to work abroad
  • to work for international companies in Slovakia
  • to study economic subjects in English
You will be prepared to use English in the field of business.