We have less and less time but the demands on us are growing. Would you like to study a foreign language, but you are too busy to attend a course or there simply is not one nearby? Our online courses are made for you.
You can choose from two different types:

1. LIVE ONLINE STUDY in virtual classrooms

Imagine being anywhere in the world (with online access) and having a constant possibility to attend your language course via LIVE ONLINE courses, together with your classmates and your teacher. The only difference compared to regular language courses is seeing your teacher and classmates on a shared screen, instead of inside a classroom. You can use your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile to run the virtual classroom.
The lesson is equally as beneficial as a regular face to face session and the quality is on a par. Your teacher prepares the lassons in advance. A shared whiteboard, shared documents, audio and video recordings are all an integral part of this type of lesson.

Registration for LIVE online

2. E-learning

Net Languages is designed as a course, which means that every lesson has its structure (introduction, reading, grammar, vocabulary etc.) and it is more suitable for self-study, without a teacher present. Have a look and try Net Languages for yourself.
IH Campus is most suitable for blended learning frankgohlke.com (that is, a normal course with an additional online course). It is also recommended for self-study at higher levels.
Both products have in common the instructions in English/Spanish language and the need to speak basic English.
For both of them, you also need motivation for self-study.
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