Information about using cookies

1.    What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, created by the communication between this website and the search engine. Cookies are saved by our servers, with the help of the search engine, onto your device (computer, smart phone, tablet etc.) Thanks to the cookies, our website recognises your device during future visits.

2.    What are cookies used for?

Our servers use cookies to improve the quality of service and to adjust the content of the website to your needs and preferences. *We use them mainly to:
a.    Gather, analyse and evaluate information about your approach and behaviour online
b.    Recognize and simplify the usage during repeat visits
c.    Offer information in the area of your interests and needs
d.    Recommend services which correspond to your interests and needs
e.    Remarketing purposes
f.    Monitor the correct functioning of the web
g.    Improve the services offered

Almost every website uses cookies. During repeat visits, they help you remember the visited sites and previous settings. By browsing this website, you agree to cookies being store to your device for the mentioned purpose. The data collected is anonymous and does not lead to your direct identification.

3.    What types of cookies are there?

From the perspective of time, there are temporary and permanent cookies.
a.    Temporary cookies get stored to your device only for the duration of your visit, until you close the website.
b.    Permanent cookies get stored to your device and remain there until you delete them (i.e. for the time pre-set on the site)
From the perspective of content, there are:
a.    Basic cookies, necessary for the proper and good quality experience of the website, e.g. login details
b.    Operating cookies, which allow us to analyse your behaviour on the site (the number of sites visited and for how long)
c.    Functional cookies, which allow us to improve the quality of the site by registering which services have already been offered to the user
d.    Advertising cookies, which allow us to evaluate your area of interest and needs and thus offer you the relevant services.
Cookies for marketing purposes are only used with your explicit consent.

4.    How to alter the saving of cookies?

Most search engines support the management of cookies. In your search engine, you can delete cookies, block them or forbid their usage, as well as limit them to the types of cookies you choose.
Information about search engines and the way to manage cookies can be found on the following webpages or in additional documentation of internet web browsers.
Internet Explorer

5.    Third parties’ cookies

There are links on our webpage to other sites. Therefore, while browsing our site, cookies might get created that are not under our control. For instance, this applies to the link with Google analytics tools or content from Facebook or Youtube. You can read the terms and conditions regarding the usage of cookies on their websites.

6.    Where to turn?  

If you have any questions regarding the usage of cookies on our sites, please contact us at: