Study Abroad

Do you need to learn a language quickly and easily? How about studying it abroad for at least a few weeks? You will pick it up naturally over there.

Why do a language course abroad with IH Bratislava

  • modern methods of teaching languages in the largest network in the world i.e. International House
  • 150 schools in 50 countries of the world
  • the use of cutting-edge multimedia and computer equipment
  • an international environment formed by students from all around the world
  • an opportunity to get to know a culture, a way of life, and last but not least, to use the target language in real-life situations
  • an entertaining and exciting experience
  • activities outside school
  • assistance in registering as a student

How to choose the right language course abroad

When choosing a language programme we consider the following aspects:
  • the language you want to study
  • the country and the city/town
  • the course duration (1, 2, 3, 4 weeks)
  • the class length (a class lasts 45 to 60 min. depending on the school)
  • the frequency of classes (15, 20, 25 classes a week)
  • accommodation (with a family or in hall)
  • transport (by air, by bus, individual transport)
  • insurance
  • other assistance services (transfer from/to an airport etc.)

The most popular language programmes are those in England. Also see other destinations we offer:

For English study we offer the following destinations: England, Ireland, Malta, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Egypt and South Africa.
For Spanish study we offer the following destinations: Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Cuba and Chile.
For German study we offer the following destinations: Berlin and Freiburg.
For Italian study we offer the following destinations: Rome, La Spezia, Merate-Lecco, Milan and Palermo.
For French study we offer the following destinations: Nice. 

If you have decided to try out a language programme abroad, contact us not later than 4 weeks before the planned departure