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How much the whole of language training will cost is definitely a legitimate question.
Before our cooperation begins, you can identify the costs to expect based on the price offer. At the same time we explain what you get in addition to the language training for your investment.

As your partner we can minimize the time needed for the reports and monitoring the classes by initially defining the goals, which we will then monitor and assess along with you.

We provide you with the complete administration of the training, which includes:
  • designing the syllabus
  • following the syllabus
  • statistics of the students´ attendance
  • mid-term and end-of-term tests
  • reports on the current CEFR language level

Unit price per 45 min: 23 Eur excluding VAT.
Unit price per 60 min: 30,67 Eur excluding VAT.

The price is the same for a qualified Slovak teacher and a native speaker.
The price includes the entrance and exit tests.
The price does not include the costs of teaching materials.
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