Acreditations and licenses

We continuously try to improve our services, broaden our portfolio and provide our students with the best possible care.

We are International House Bratislava and we are:

  •  a member of the IHWO (the only school in Slovakia)
  • a Cambridge Assessment English testing centre: Young Learners, A2 Key, B1 Preliminary, B2 First, C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency and Business certificates.
  • a TOEIC, TOEFL ITP, TOEFL Junior, WiDaF and ITF testing centre
  • an ECL testing centre
  • a school included in the MŠSR school network
  • a partner of the Cambridge University Press publishing house

We are an open centre for Cambridge Assessment English

We are an authorized open centre to carry out Cambridge exams: A2 Key, B1 Preliminary, B2 First, C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency, YLE and Business certificates. You can take any of the exams right at our school and obtain an international certificate with a lifetime validity.

The Cambridge Assessment English certificates are recognized by more than 20 000 universities, employers and state institutions all over the world. The exams open the door to universities and colleges for students and increase their chances of getting a good job.

We are a member of International House World Organisation (IHWO)

We have been a member of the network (IHWO) since 2004.
The International House World Organisation network includes more than 160 schools in 50 countries of
the world. It specializes in improving the quality of teaching languages and training teachers. The high quality of the educational process is ensured by inspections, which take place under the patronage of the IHWO every two years. Our school has already had five such inspections.

We are a test centre for ECL certificate

(European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages)

In 1992, after several years of theoretical preparation, the member states of the European Union established an international consortium based in London and supported by the ERASMUS and LINGUA programmes. The consortium undertook to devise a unifying exam system for the languages of the EU states. They created the ECL exam.

The content and overall validity of the tests were defined after extensive research had been conducted by specialists, and target groups were used to pilot the tests. The ECL test assesses the speaking and writing abilities to use a language in various situations. We have been a ECL testing centre since 2009.


The school is included in the MŠ SR network

Since 2013 our school has been included in the MŠSR school network focusing on the education of children up to the age of 15. We currently operate at many primary schools, where we teach more than 700 pupils included in the START RIGHT language programme, which is completed by the Cambridge English Language Assessment exams.


We are a partner of the Cambridge University Press publishing house

Every year we organize a conference for English language teachers in cooperation with the Cambridge University Press publishing house. Since 2005 the conference has taken place every February, and its aim is to provide the teachers with seminars and workshops where they have the opportunity to learn, follow new teaching trends, and exchange knowledge and information about teaching the English language.