How to get better results

This workshop is suitable for all FCE and CAE exam candidates.


What is covered by the crash course?

You will familiarise yourself with the Cambridge exam format
We will show you how many points are allocated to teach test part.
We will introduce to you to useful strategies completing the test tasks effectively and successfully.
We will show you how to get best possible result, and manage your time during the exam.
We will give you the opportunity to take part in a mock speaking exam
We will introduce to you online exam preparation materials.

Terms / Saturdays:

11.6.2022    AIHSFCU_onl
20.8.2022   AIHSFCA_onl
8.10.2022    AIHSFCO_onl
29.10.2022    AIHSFCK_onl
12.11.2022    AIHSFCN_onl
26.11.2022    AIHSFCV_onl
3.12.2022    AIHSFCD_onl

All workshops are Live online in virtual classrooms.

8.00 - 13.20 (with breaks)

79€ (until 31.8.2022)
89€ (after 1.9.2022)

Registration for the crash course