ECL exam from Slovak

After many years of professional preparatory work the Member States of the European Union established a consortium in 1992, with London as the centre. With the help of the ERASMUS and later the LINGUA programmes its task was to develop a uniform language test in the languages of the Member States of the European Union.
In accordance with the EU unification policy the Member States that formed the consortium wanted to ensure equivalency and recognition of the certificates in each language without having to be validated nationally (Nostrification).

Terms for 2023:

Level Exam date Registration deadline
A2, B1, C1

9th June 2023

10th June 2023
11th May 2023

Exam fee: 100 € (incl. VAT)

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The content and overall validity of the tests have been established after extensive research by specialists and pilot tests on specific target groups. The ECL exams test oral and written ability to use the language of everyday discourse on practical, professional and personal topics at varying degrees of complexity.
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International House Bratislava is acredited for Slovak for foreigners, English and German exam.