Our teaching method

We try to fulfill the needs of our students with the objective to improve their communication skills. This is why we ensure that we are working with a professional team of teachers as well as pleasant surroundings for education.
What we are trying to achieve is for you to use your potential and actively engage in studying a language during our course. Let us be honest, nobody has the magic power to teach you a foreign language without your input. Our teaching style supports you by helping you use your language skills regularly to make you feel confident when using the language in its written, read, spoken and audio forms.

Teaching programme

Most of our programmes accept a flexible approach to teaching. The courses focus on the needs of our students to use their language skills in a complex way (reading, writing, listening, speaking). We offer courses of English as well as other languages  for all levels from beginner (A1) up to advanced (C2).

You can attend a demo lesson during which you will find out more about our style of teaching and you will meet your teacher and classmates in person.


Way of teaching

Despite the fact that we at International House Bratislava do not necessarily use one single teaching method, we follow the basic principles of Communicative Language Teaching.


Basic principles of Communicative Language Teaching:

  • active participation of the students in class
  • the use of the mother tongue is limited to the bare minimum, the communication is in the foreign language on all language levels
  • inclusion of authentic language and materials into teaching
  • integration of all the language aspects into the classes: grammar, vocabulary, language functions, improvement of skills
  • improving competences in every skill: reading, speaking, listening and writing
  • deepening communication skills with a focus on functional language – communicational functions of phrases, sentence structures and vocabulary and their usage in practical situations, e.g.: expression of agreement, creation of proposals, confirmation of information
  • focus on phonology improves the students´ listening skills as well as pronunciation
  • presentation and practicing grammar in connection with practical language and communication skills
  • strengthening the autonomy of students so that they can independently further develop their language skills
  • focus on the practical use of language and the development of individual competences


Our teachers will offer instructions on how to improve your language in a complex way, being qualified, friendly and educated. They are ready and happy to answer your questions regarding your studies. The teachers take care of your progress in the teaching of a language and they will always respect your opinions.


All courses take place in modern and well equipped classes. The maximum number of students in one course is 10. During the lessons teachers use different methods of teaching: role-play games, working in pairs, working in groups, discussions. In case you are interested, one-to-one lessons are also an option, as are small, closed groups of students.

Language level 

We make sure that the groups of students are homogenous. We use the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). To confirm your language level you can use our skills-by-level table.


We want to offer you a wide range of services. Thanks to our accreditations we are:
  • an open Cambridge exam centre,
  • ECL exam centre.
We are able to fulfill your expectations also in obtaining internationally recognized certificates.